Meeting Format and Speaking Opportunities

The meeting is controlled by the Chairman appointed for the evening, and various speakers are listed on the evening’s agenda. The meeting is divided into two parts.

The first half incorporates Table Topics. This consists of members being asked to deliver a one minute impromptu speech on a topic nominated by the Table Topics Master. So that we benefit from the experience, these 'mini speeches' are evaluated by the Table Topics Evaluators. The first half of the meeting also includes the formal business, comprising of the minutes, reports, accounts and general business.

The second half includes several prepared speeches. Members are programmed to deliver speeches which are then evaluated by Speech Evaluators.

The Master Evaluator delivers a general evaluation of the meeting and any speakers not otherwise evaluated. Other speaking opportunities include:

Guest Welcome Guests are introduced and welcomed to the club.
The Toast
A formal toast.
Table Tonic
A joke or humorous anecdote.
Reports on the conduct of the formal business session.
Reports on the effective use of language.
Timer Monitors
the timing of the meeting against allotted times and
reports significant variations. It is important to speak within the timeframe allotted.
Fines Counter Generally a humorous assignment where members are exposed for their minor misdemeanors and verbal slips during the meeting.

Executive Committee The club is managed by an executive committee elected every calendar. The role of the executive is to manage the club and present formal reports to the meeting when required.

President Leads the Executive and liaises with the Area and District Committees. The president also formally opens and closes meetings.
VP Education Is responsible for club program and the educational progress of members.
VP Membership
Promotes the club to potential new members and organizes the induction of new members.
VP Publicity Informs the wider community through news articles etc. about Toastmasters as well as publishing the club’s newsletters.
Secretary Responsible for club records, minutes and correspondence.
Treasurer Responsible for the club budget. Collects dues, pays accounts. Reports on financial status. Always be nice to the treasurer!
Responsible for venue, catering and club equipment. Sets up room before the meeting and calls the meeting to order.

What will you have to do at the meeting?
As a guest you do not have to speak if you do not wish to. However visitors are always welcome at our meetings, and are encouraged to join in the proceedings.

If you are invited to speak during the Table Topics session, it is entirely up to you whether you accept. Our intention is to provide a friendly and supportive atmosphere for those wishing to improve their ability to speak in public. We would welcome your comments on how you found the meeting. The Chairman will invite you to give your opinion at the end of the meeting if you wish; again, this also is entirely up to you.

We believe that relaxation, entertainment and enjoyment are important elements in our activities. We hope you will enjoy the meeting and learn from it. If you would like to attend another meeting as a visitor, you would be most welcome. If you wish to join the club, just speak to any member of the Club.

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